How is performance of SpaceBox ST and SpaceBoxHD in game engines?

SpaceBox HD generally requires 6 draw calls since it’s created from 6 separate images. At high resolution such as 4096x4096 a fair amount of bandwidth from texture memory is used. Still, at high resolutions on computers rendering a SpaceBox HD requires very little processing power. SpaceBox ST consists of a single 4096x4096 texture so only 1 draw call is needed. This is the absolute fastest way to draw a space environment of such quality compared to any other method.

How does a spacebox compare to a skydome/sphere?

A spacebox is the same as a space themed skybox which has less distortion compared to sky domes and spheres. Although cube mapping can be applied to spheres, a cube requires less much geometry so a distortion compensated cube is the most optimal solution in terms of performance, image quality and distortion.

How is a spacebox different from a skybox?

There is no technical difference. Spacebox is just a short version of saying "space skybox".

How are the spaceboxes created?

The art elements are hand painted in PhotoShop and seamless 3D noise is mathematically generated using Simplex algorithm.

Can I use spaceboxes in commercial games?


Can I sell spaceboxes for others to use?

No. You can not sell or distribute the spaceboxes for anyone else to use.

Can I buy unique/custom spaceboxes?

Contact me if you have special requests for spaceboxes. Depending on complexity and needs, unique/custom spaceboxes in HD, ST, and PRO format ranges between US$100 - $1000.

What are the resolution of spaceboxes?

SpaceBox HD are 6 images, one for each side of the box, each with a resolution of 4096x4096 for a total of 100 megapixels. SpaceBox ST is a single 4096x4096 image totalling about 16 megapixels. SpaceBox PRO is a single image with a resolution of 16384x12288 where the six sides have been arranged in a horizontal cross configuration and each side is 4096x4096.

How large (file size) are the spaceboxes?

SpaceBox HD are sized about 15-30MB depending on complexity and consist of 6 lossless compressed PNG files. SpaceBox ST are sized about 4-10 MB and consists of a single lossless compressed PNG file. SpaceBox PRO are sized about 150-400 MB (not for use in games) and consists of a single lossless compressed layered TIFF file.

Can I modify the spaceboxes to suit my needs?


How are the files delivered after purchase?

The files are delivered through SendOwl and are hosted on Amazon S3 for reliable delivery. Upon purchase you will be-redirected to a download page (a link will also be sent to the e-mail address used during purchase) where you can download the files. The links don't expire any specific date but you will be allowed to download the file 10 times if you run into any problems with your internet connection. Still, if you experience any problem - just contact me.

How is payment processed?

Payment is made using PayPal (with or without credit/debit card)

Do I have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Imphenzia AB is a registered business in Sweden but the price is the same for everyone worldwide so it includes VAT for customers within the European Union. No additional charges are applied for any customers.

Are you using SpaceScape and making money from it, that is terrible!?

No. SpaceScape is a free tool to generate space skyboxes. If you want to put in the time and if you find the result of SpaceScape is acceptable for your needs then go for it. If you want instant hand crafted, themed, and ready-to-go spaceboxes I recommend you grab them from here =)