Space skybox/cube map textures ready to use in games and for 3D rendering supplied in two formats:

  • High Definition (HD)
    • 6x 4096x4096 PNG textures (Up, Down, Left, Right, Front, Back)
  • Single Texture (ST)
    • 4096x4096 PNG texture

SpaceBox PRO

In addition to the HD and ST textures you also get a layered TIFF file where you can adjust the look and combine elements of spaceboxes.

  • HD and ST textures (see standard)
  • Professional (PRO) 16384x12288 layered TIFF image
    • Art & adjustment layers for nebulas, stars, galaxies and noise
    • PhotoShop script to export from PRO to HD and ST format

Universal Bundle

All 40 spaceboxes in Dim, Dark, Color, Variable, and Mono Space series.

Variable Space Series

Contains 8 spaceboxes of varying colors and contrast.

Dark Space Series

Contains 8 dark themed hostile spaceboxes.

Dim Space Series

Contains 8 dim spaceboxes with hazy nebula gas.

Mono Space Series

Contains 8 mono colored spaceboxes.

Color Space Series

Contains 8 spaceboxes with multiple colors in each spacebox.

Unity Asset Store

Get Unity3D version of SpaceBox4096 with ready-made materials, shaders, particle effects and custom scripts!

Unreal Marketplace

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